I released the songbook for my album "Leben": It has all the notes, texts, and wunderful images!

Songbook CD "Leben": 15,€. In combination with the CD- only 25 Euro!

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In 2024 I will release my first DVD, titled "SingTanz", and I am already very excited to present it!



Sing yourself Healthy!

Singing, toning, and humming are a great stimulation for the immune system!

For instance through the release of hormones:

• Oxytocin („the cuddle hormone“) is released, which has a relaxing, destressing effect
• Adrenalin reduction: Even 20 minutes of singing sees significant reduction of this stress hormone
• Endorphine are released, producing a euphoric feeling
• Immunglobuline A levels strongly increase
• Serotonin (DHEA) levels increase, functions as an anti-depressant

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By clicking »»»Programm 2024 you can download a chronological overview of all courses and seminars planned for 2024. 

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~ VOCATIONAL TRAINING  ISGT Berlin ~   Carien Wijnen

This vocational training focuses on vocal- and singing therapy, and is aimed in particularly at social workers orindividuals working in healing professions.  

In  April 2022, the 9. iteration of the three-year vocational training started

You are invited to apply for the tenth vocational training course, which will start in October 2024

Preliminary interviews are available during all seminars and courses! 

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