Heilende Stimme - Healing Voice®


Healing Voice - Through the voice to healing

Healing Voice is an intensive seminar in which Carien Wijnen enables her participants to gain access with joy and ease to deeper energetic effects of the voice and singing.

Each seminar is unique. As is relevant to the processes and needs of the group’s participants the topics may be:

·       Body and breathing work: opening up the resonating spaces of the voice

·       Free toning: healing singing, laments

·       Sound healing: different types of sound healing in the group, in the circle and in pairs

·       Healing toning: toning vowels, chakra toning and overtone singing

·       Grounding: Energy and earthing work

·       Singing: Singing and dancing to chants ( spiritual songs) to Mother Earth, God, Farewell, Peace, and Light

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Yodeling is part of many different cultures throughout the world.
The origin of yodeling can also be found in shamanistic healing, as for example in the Sami tradition of joiking.

As such, to consider Yodeling to be an exclusively Swiss tradition would be incorrect.

The yodel effect is achieved by consciously accentuating the crossover point between the vocal registers (chest and head register) and at the same time using particular vowels.
This “click” is to be found in many other forms of singing.
Classical singing typically proscribes that singers should avoid this crossover point. For this reason, many people think that they cannot sing “properly”.
In this seminar I would like to convince them that the opposite is true!

»»»Article Yodeling


Creative Singing – Improvisation with the Voice and Singing

This seminar is about liberating yourself from fixed melody forms. In a playful way we will expand our vocal abilities and explore new ways of using the voice.
We will focus on:

·        Voice and body work

·        Movement and vocal expression ( Roy Hart method)

·        Rhythmic exercises, improvisation games, “voice nonsense”

·        Solo and group improvisations (Rhiannon method), vocal percussion

·        Circle songs, voicestra, jazz canons, spirituals, world music


This workshop is specially inspired by my own further training and my experience as a solo jazz singer and singing teacher.


Choir Workshop Acapella

We will have fun singing together while we get to know and practice songs for several voices from different world music traditions.

These are wonderful polyphonies from Georgia, Russia, the Balkans, Africa, and many others. On top of that there will be swinging jazz songs, German folk songs and lively canons.

The content of the workshop includes body work and movement as well as focused warm-ups and vocal exercises.

This seminar is suited to people who already sing in a group, singing circle or choir. We will share our pleasure in singing with each other! Everyone has their very own wonderful voice.
Together we will create new worlds of singing and sound.



Singing Circle – Heart Songs

We will sing simple, meditative and powerful songs from different traditions: spiritual songs (chants), mantras, songs for several voices, canons.

In addition there will be breathing exercises from yoga, toning, healing tone singing, overtone singing.

This will be complemented by free movement and improvisation, as well as circle dancing.



Healing Salutary Singing

Open Singing Circle 'Holistic Singing' 2017

The voice is the instrument of the soul, and our most basic and original musical instrument. It can express and make audible every feeling. Toning and singing have beneficial effects on our health. Our breathing becomes deeper, and the resonances of toning activates body spaces and energy centers: The entire psychosomatic system experiences a flooding with joyful sensations.

We will attune body and voice towards holistic vibrations and playfully extend our expressive range. Additionally, we will concentrate on working with the body, on toning, and on singing to others. The communal singing of spiritual circle songs and songs from other cultures (world music) is a major area of focus. These heart songs are easy to learn, and are partially supported by movement and circle dancing.

The workshop will also include body and breathing work as well as warm-up singing exercises.
The seminar is suited to both people with little experience of singing as well as those who already sing in a group or choir.

What counts is your pleasure in singing! Everyone has their very own wonderful voice and together we will create new worlds of sound.



The Study of Breathing Types: Polar Breathing, Polar Singing, Polar Being

Intensive and Advanced Training ISGT

SBT (Also called Terlusollogy® after the doctors Hagena) is the study of the polar influences of sun and moon on living beings, and the resulting consequences on the brain and breathing.

I have applied the principles of SBT in my professional practice and seminars for many years, and has become an indispensable part of my professional practice. Because of my familiarity with the practical applications of SBT, and the visible changes effected in clients and seminar participants, I am fully convinced of the vital therapeutic role of a polar approach to breathing.

In this seminar, I offer a closer look into this multifaceted field of study, focusing on the body, psyche, and the soul. 

Emphasis is placed on:

  • The Study of Breathing Types (Solar / Lunar)
    Developement of Belly and Chest Cavity Breathing
  • Working on the body (in tandem), to increase limberness and airflow
  • Physical exercises to expose somatic blockades
  • Liberated Singing
  • And many other subjects

    Further information on SBT can be found in this

»»»Article on the Study of Breathing Types (English version)

Singing While Dancing in the Seminars /Voice & movement

Singing and dancing spiritual songs and dances at celebrations and on traditional, religious and everyday occasions is part of every culture. Singing while moving deepens the breathing and resonating spaces in the body. Body and soul find new ways of expressing themselves, and sung dances have healing and harmonizing effects on both.
They tell tales of nature, Mother Earth and the divine, and they connect everything. Everyone can dance, everyone can sing, and you are all warmly invited to do so!

Voice and movement  are one
We will  also focus on:

·        Voice and body work

·        Movement and vocal expression ( Roy Hart method)

·        Rhythmic exercises, improvisation games, “free expression”