To all people who love to sing, want to express themselves through their voice, and would like to get know their body and swing their soul...

Thank you all...

… for all the experiences in my many seminars and courses, and all encounters with so many wonderful people, something that has given me the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the participants and the world. 2024 once again allows us several ways to get in touch with one another; through individual sessions, entering a vocational training program, or toning and singing in one of my courses or seminars.

In 2024, I will befocusing even more on my vocational training courses at the ISGT, and on the writing and publication of literature on my field, as well as other exciting projects. 


I recently released the songbook for my album "Leben": It has all the notes, texts, and wunderful images!

Songbook CD "Leben": 15,€. In combination with the CD- only 25 Euro!

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In 2024 I will release my first DVD, titled "SingTanz", and I am already very excited to present it!


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By clicking »»»Programm 2024 you can download a chronological overview of all courses and seminars planned for 2024. 



For all courses and seminars, the following currently applies:

1.) If any participant is hindered from attending a course or seminar due to corona-related travel restrictions, or if a course or seminar must be cancelled due to changes in COVID-policy, all advance payments will be returned to the participant without reductions.

2.) During the courses and seminars, all required COVID-related rules concerning participant caps, social distancing, hygiene, ventilation, etcetera, will be observed.



All interested parties are invited to check out my Facebook Page „Healingvoice nach Carien Wijnen“, where I post music- and informational videos, reading recommendations, background info on the topic of healing voice, as well as regular updates on planned seminars and events.

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This channel also contains live recordings, as well as interviews and background information.
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All my Albums are also available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music, etc. for streaming or as digital downloads!

I wish you all much joy, and hope to see you soon!

Carien Wijnen



The Name HEALING VOICE ®   is registered as a brand name

in Germany since 2004



Articles and Interviews


I joined this radio broadcast 25.11.2020, which contains a brief excerpt from my interview with Theda Weber-Lucks, featured around the 25-minute mark. Very interesting and topical!

Corona and Choirs -Against the Silence

German choirs have shown great inventiveness during the COVID-crisis. However, this may not be enough to preserve communal singing. More and more voices join the chorus calling attention to the need of greater support from politics and society for choir-singing as a communal force.




My article in the magazine „Sein“ can be read »»»here!


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Interview with Health TV

In December 2017, song writer Reinhard and myself were invited to Hamburg for a television interview, which was aired on 18.01.2018. The resulting 20-minute program can be viewed here:

»»» Interview Health TV