To all people who love to sing, want to express themselves through their voice, and would like to get know their body and swing their soul...

Lots of thanks

...for the intense experiences in my courses and the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people!

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Due to the ongoing Corona-crisis, the following is in effect until further notice:

1.) If a participant is unable to attend an event due to corona-related travel restrictions, or if an event has to be cancelled entirely due to restrictions, a full refund will be issues.

2.) During events and courses, proper arrangements will be made to comply with regulations concerning social distancing, participant cap, hygiene, ventilation, etcetera. 

My music is available for digital purchase and on-demand streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music.  

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I also created the Facebook Page „Healingvoice nach Carien Wijnen“. Here you can find relvant material to my work and interests, and regular updates on upcoming events, courses and concerts, as well as music videos, informationals, reading reccomendations, and background information on the fascinating topic of healing voice. These posts do not appear on my private page!

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Some songs from my albums are available on my youtube channel:
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My channel also receives regular video updates of excercises, live concerts, and more!
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I wish you all lots of joy.

Hope to see you soon!

Carien Wijnen



The designation 'HEALING VOICE ®' was copyrighted
                by myself as brand name in 2004


Interview Health TV (Kopie 1)

In December 2017 I gave a television interview for Health TV in Hamburg together with Reinhard Horn, songwriter for children's songs.

The 20-minute television broadcast, which aired on 20.01.2017, can be viewed online by clicking the link below.

»»» Interview Health TV


Online Kongress

Online Kongress: "Wendepunkt Lebensmitte - Der Stimme in dir Raum geben"

Im April gab es einen weiteren Online Kongress mit Andrea Glöckle-Fiedler, mich selbst, sowie vielen anderen Interviewgästen!





Online Kongress: "Sing dich Frei"

Ich würde am 12.01.2018 von Christine Dietrich befragt zum Thema Stimme. Sie hat Interviews mit vielen Experten veranstalten zu Themen wie Atem, Stimme, Sprache, Bühnenpräsenz, und Coaching. 

Das online Kongress war in April und September 2018 gratis verfügbar.

Weitere Infos finden Sie unter:


Das gesamte Interviewpaket kann über unterstehenden Link erworben werden: