About our CD Release Event

On Saturday 3rd November 2001, 7 -11 pm in the church Zum Heiligen Kreuz in the Blücherplatz, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

At this event we presented our newly released third CD "Womyn on Earth" with a spirited concert performance.

The Rainbow Woman Choir (a choir project with women from all over Germany, who specially came together for this CD and this concert) was accompanied by the percussionist Gabriele Kostas, the guitarist Konny Kunzmann and the wind player Marion Schwann.

We performed pieces from all three CDs. The event was divided into three one-hour parts. Firstly we presented our songs from the Native American tradition, which honour Mother Earth. The second part was opened by the overtone singer Mirco Großer and focused on spiritual and meditative pieces, like for example “Om Tare” from Tibet. The third part, opened by Konny Kunzmann with one of her own compositions, got the audience singing along with well-known pieces. The audience participation in this was overwhelming

After three hours of music we ended the concert at 22.40. During the intervals and after the concert there were opportunities for members of the audience to get talking to Carien Wijnen, the singers and the musicians, to get to know us personally and to celebrate the occasion with all of us.

The artist Gise Salomea Kuhr exhibited her paper sculptures on the theme of “Goddesses”, which gave the evening a wonderful visual framework.

A further highlight of the evening was the prize-giving ceremony of the “Canto Award” 2001 for especial services to the revival of singing culture in everyday life; this was awarded to Carien Wijnen by Tamara Doerfel.

All the visitors were very enthusiastic, and we received many emails and letters with very positive reactions after the event.