Chorabella concerts

From 1997 until the end of 2005 I conducted the women’s choir „Chorabella“ in Berlin. The choir developed out of a combination of several different singing circles and from my desire to further train my own voice. Several choir members had already sung on the “womyn” CD series.

For me it was a great challenge to work so intensively with a permanent ensemble over so many years. Our repertoire consisted of spiritual chants and musically demanding polyphonic World Music songs, e.g. a six-part version of “gulagula”, wonderful Balkan songs and Russian vocal works. Two times a year we performed in concert. My 4th CD “Oj Malina”, produced in 2004, came out of the work with this choir.

In 2004 we also sang with several other „Rainbow Womyn Choir“ singers at the Berlin conference of Lachesis, the German association of  women healing practitioners. The percussionist was Gabriele Kostas, who had already given outstanding performances when accompanying us at various concerts and on several CD productions.

In December 2005 we celebrated our work together at a farewell concert in the Ölberg church. For organizational reasons it was no longer possible for me to continue conducting the regular choir rehearsals in Berlin. The choir still exists, led by another conductor.