Seminarweek in Lesbos

information about MILELJA Inselgarten and the seminarweek

Lesbos, a green island, situated close to the coast of Asia Minor, enchants visitors with its varied landscape, hot springs and myths. Situated in the north of the island, the town Molivos / Mythimna has largely retained its medieval townscape.

MILELJA Inselgarten is located just outside Molivos, in idyllic countryside. Milelja (small apple or small mill) was originally the name of the region.

The seminar house, which was built according to ecological and geomantic principles, is situated in the middle of a spaciously laid-out flower garden with a labyrinth, an outdoor dancing area, and many cosy green niches. The sea and Molivos are just 15 minutes’ walk away and the hot springs Eftalou 45 minutes.

Milelja Inselgarten (Milelja Island Garden) is a most wonderfully energetic place. The initiators and owners of MILELJA Inselgarten, Irene Asbach and Ursula Hasenburg, have created a wonderful place to be.

The octagonal seminar room with a wooden sprung floor has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Leptimnos mountain range, the sea and Molivos Castle, which is illuminated at night. The private pool is filled with spring water and is chlorine-free. The water can be heated to 35° and with its underwater music the pool makes outdoor swimming, especially at night, an unforgettable experience.

The seminar location has been transformed over the years. It now has a  wonderful swimming pool (with underwater music), several gypsy caravans as accomodation etc. And next to the spaciously laid-out labyrinth a so-called Earth Temple has been built.

I was lucky enough to be personally invited to come here by Uschi Hasenburg, in order to give a course on the healing power of the voice as part of her programme. This turned into several seminar weeks, 8 in total: in summer 1998, summer 1999, autumn 2000, summer 2001, spring 2002, summer 2003, summer 2006 (together with Edith Storch, Shiatsu), summer 2009. I am very pleased to be able to be here again in October 2016. This time together with Mala Ullal: the topic this time will be Singing Dancing Yoga.