Sing yourself Healthy!

Singing, toning, and humming are a great stimulation for the immune system!

For instance through the release of hormones:

• Oxytocin („the cuddle hormone“) is released, which has a relaxing, destressing effect
• Adrenalin reduction: Even 20 minutes of singing sees significant reduction of this stress hormone
• Endorphine are released, producing a euphoric feeling
• Immunglobuline A levels strongly increase
• Serotonin (DHEA) levels increase, functions as an anti-depressant
• Stickstofoxid increases (Vasodilitation e.a.)

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In 2020 and 2021, those that are interested have the opportunity to visit single courses from my vocational training “Holistic Body and Voice Work” (ISGT),
as long as current anti-corona measures aloow it.

The „Healing Voice” seminars in Berlin can be booked separately and can be certified.

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Upcoming Seminars


Karlsruhe: Wirkstatt 

Seminar „Bewegtes Singen, Singen bewegt“

Bewegung-Singen- gesungene Kreistänze.
Unterstützt von Atem-,Stimm-,Körper- und Bewegungsarbeit

Termin:  20. - 21. Februar 2021

Offenes Singen am 19. Februar 2021

Info/ Anmeldung: 0721 - 378075

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Three-Year Vocational Training Course

October 2020 sees the start of the 8th Vocational Training course
"Holistic Voice Work and Singing Therapy" . The Vocational Training is fully booked!

»»Curriculum Basic Year


The 9th Vocational Training Course is slated to start in October 2021.
Feel free to apply!

Private conversations regarding the vocational training are available at every seminar.