In 2018, interested individuals will have the opportunity to take seminars on several subjects from my vocational training "Holistic Voice Work and Singing Therapy" (ISGT).

The "Healing Voice" seminars in Berlin can be visited individually and can be certified.

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Sing-Along Concert in the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Berlin

Sing-along concert in the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Zossener Str. 65, 10961 Berlin

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Date : 11.11.18 at  20:00 h

Education ISGT Berlin


Holistic Voice-work and Singing Therapy

The 7. Training Course: "Holistic Voice-work and Singing Therapy"

will begin in September 2018!


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Wien 2019 NEU

„Healing Voice®“

30. Mai - 02. Juni 2019

Auftakt zur Weiterbildungszyklus ISGT in Wien

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Sing Yourself Free, Online Conference

On 12.01.2018 I had an intervierview via ZOOM with Christine Dietrich. She questioned several experts on the topics of breath, voice, language, stage presence, and coaching. This online conference will start in mid-september againl.

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